Week of 4/26

Please turn in part 2 of Figure 5.3 in Handbook for K-8 Arts Integration and all of Figure 6.4 (NOT 6.3) when you make your final presentation. Also, turn in a revised lesson plan including any changes you made while facilitating your lessons, changes in materials or approach. Please include any observations you have in terms of doing things differently if you had the chance. What worked well, what was a challenge, what failed (it won't be counted against you if things fell a part! It is a good learning experience!)

You must be present on both May 3 & 17 even if you aren't presenting that day.

MAY 3rd Presentation Groups:
1. Chloe & Kendall
2. Rebecca, Haley & Kristen
3. Melissa, Michele & Raquel
4. Emma, Chida & Noemi

MAY 17th Presentation Groups:
1. Sammi & Nichole
2. Caroline, Stacey & Nicole
3. Bryn, Melissa & Tim
4. Jessica, Brenda & Kat

Your presentations must be at least 15 minutes each (powerpoint/video/slide show/web) and document your process. The presentation must include visual documentation of the project. If you are using images & video in a powerpoint, you must also save these onto your CD or USB drive, otherwise you may have problems playing them during your presentation.

In addition to your in-class presentation, please turn in a copy of  your revised lesson plan (email it as a pdf or word document with a few images to me!) as well as copies of the activity sheets/worksheets from Handbook for K-8 Arts Integration. Although previous documents state that the worksheets should have been done individually, it is fine if you turn in one set per group.

The lesson plan should include:
Group names
School name
Grade level
Content Area
Big Idea
Specific CA Content Standards for Big Idea & for Visual Arts
Materials List
Lesson Sequence (Introduction, Modeling, Invitation to Create & Independent Practice & Performance Sharing & Assessment)

I will email you Kristen O'Neil, Rebecca Dean & Haley Cox's lesson plan as it is a good example (as soon as they email it to me..)

LAST but not least! Please email me photos of your work you did in class today with a brief description of the projects and how your design choices in terms of colors, materials etc. reflect the nature of your project.

If you have any questions about the final, please let me know!

Good luck!

Week of 4/18- FIELD TRIP


Tuesday, April 19th, we will meet at UC San Diego at 3:15 p.m. to take a self-guided tour of the Stuart Collection (a collection of outdoor art installation on campus). We will meet at the Sun God statue which is located near the Faculty Club and Mandeville Auditorium and I will lead you around campus to examine some of the Stuart Collection.

Below is a link to campus maps and some driving directions. Parking costs $1/hour on campus and can be VERY hard to find. Please carpool and allow enough time to find parking. Wear good walking shoes and comfortable clothes as we'll be trudging through paths and forests.


From Interstate 5
Exit La Jolla Village Drive and head west (left from 5 North)
Go up the hill
La Jolla Village Dr. curves right and turns into North Torrey Pines Rd.
Follow North Torrey Pines Rd. around the perimeter of campus
Turn Right on Muir College Dr. and park in any of the parking lots can find a space in off Muir.
(You can buy visitor parking passes at the parking kiosks at the corners of the lots. Allow for 2 hours.)
Walk towards the center of campus and ask anyone which way to the Faculty Club.
Just at the south corner of the faculty club, you'll find the Sun God statue.

This week continue work on updating your blog and working on your final project presentation. Review what the requirements are for the presentation and the grading criteria!

April 26th, we'll be doing our own mini installation/sculpture project informed by our tour of the Stuart Collection. Please start collecting one shoe box or mailing box (Fedex are good options), cardboard, wire, bottle caps, corks, pebbles, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, twigs, fabric swatches and other found objects. You will be creating one of the following in class next week:

A Throne for Mother Theresa
A Monument to Someone you admire in your Family
A Bedroom for your Favorite Historical Figure

Have a good weekend and please let me know if you have any questions.

Annika Nelson

Week of 4/5

 Week of 4/5:
1)    Read Chapter 17 (Children and Their Art)
2)    Blog Entry- What types of collaborations have you engaged in as a student, member of a club or association, family or other type of grouping? What can the experience of being on a team teach students? How has being part of one of the urban, suburban or rural map groups affected your learning experience? How could you use collaboration in the classroom to teach citizenship and deal with challenging social situations? 

NEXT WEEK- Please bring glue, scissors, colored paper, collage paper (wrapping paper, magazines etc.) and some white drawing paper. Thanks! 

Week of 3/29

Week of 3/29- No blog posts due this week. Please just work on your final project or update your blog entries. If you are significantly behind on your blog, please email me at anelson@ucsd.edu when you post. 

Optional reading assignment: Ch. 16 in Children and Their Art. It details printmaking methods very well but since we'll be doing extensive printmaking in class and you have the handout from me, you don't HAVE to read the chapter. 

Office hours next week will be from 1:30-2:30. Class will end early (around 5 pm). 

Week of 3/22

Week of 3/22:
1) Read Chapter 18 & 20 (Children and Their Art)
2) Blog entry: What is your response to the New Children’s Museum? Have they successfully integrated new media into art that is appropriate, engaging for children? Is it just entertainment or is there educational value to what is being presented?
3) Work on Final Project: Submit lesson plans & any assignments not yet turned in. Finish all blog entries as they will be checked again soon.
4). Bring in colored construction paper and some newsprint or drawing (blank) paper at least 11” x 17”. 

Office hours and class schedule will be as usual this next coming week. On 4/5/11, office hours will be from 1:30-2:30 and class will meet from 2:30 to 5 pm.

Exhibit of Kid's Photos from an Arts Integration Program

 You're invited to attend... 
My Story: Literacy through the Arts
Final Presentation & Exhibition

Saturday, March 19, 2011
11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

At the California Center for the Arts, Escondido
Center Museum Sculpture Court and Studio 2 Building
340 N. Escondido Blvd. Escondido, CA 92025 
My Story jpg  
Enjoy a digital photography exhibition and short theatrical skits featuring up and coming stars!
See the culmination of the Center's 5-month long arts education outreach program with Central, Conway, Felicita, Lincoln, and Rock Springs Elementary Schools.

 We look forward to celebrating the student's artistic
accomplishments with you! 

For more information please call the Education Department
at (760) 839-4179

My Story is generously sponsored by:
California Arts Council, Crescentera, Inc. - Ms. Carina Courtright, Gloria & Stoney Dement, McBeth Foundation, San Diego Gas & Electric, Sony Electronics Inc. , and Target 

California Center for the Arts, Escondido
340 N. Escondido Blvd.
Escondido, California 92025
(800) 988-4253
Find us on Facebook   Follow us on Twitter   Visit our blog
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California Center for the Arts, Escondido | 340 N. Escondido Blvd. | Escondido | CA | 92025

Lesson Plan for 3/8/11: Social Justice in the Classroom w/ Luz Chung

Since so many of you missed this week's class, I've posted the lesson plan for the day including the links to the video's we watched. I'll also email students pdf's of the slides we discussed. If you have any questions, let me know. Don't forget to get your blogs up to date so I can grade you! Also, meet at the Children's Museum next class meeting (3/22) at 2:15 outside the front of the museum. Entrance fee is $5. Have a great Spring Break! 

Below are photos of your classmates, striking heroic poses with objects that symbolize power! See what fun you missed!

Week of 3/8 – Social Justice in the Classroom- Guest lecture w/ Luz Chung

2:30-3:30ish (Luz)
1.     John Stewart clip- textbooks 
2.     Freire and Banks- pedagogy of the oppressed- quick write & partner talk
3.     Zinn- (re)defining heroes & partner talk 
4.     The icing on the cake, POV, Storycorps (2 mins)

3:40-4:00 (Annika)
1.     (Re)defining heroes  slide presentation
2.     Topics discussed:
a.    What makes a hero (clothes, context, possessions)? How are people “packaged” as heroes in terms of dress, pose, context etc?
b.    Is a particular hero the same to all people? How can we approach teaching about heroes to a multicultural classroom?
-       Kip Fulbeck & the Hapa Project

4:00-4:45 (Annika)
1.     Choose an object and strike a heroic pose (I’ll take their photo)

4:45-5:00 (Annika)
1.     Drawing people w/ articulated limbs & striking heroic poses
2.     Show elementary student examples of drawing their heroes

5:00-5:05 (Annika)
Remind assignments due:
§  Read Ch 10 & 20 in C&A
§  Phase 3 of final project (#8 on pg. 180 of C&A)
§  Meet at Children’s Museum outside front entrance at 2:15 pm $5

5:05-5:20 (Annika)
Debriefing, what did you learn today?
(if time allows) Students present their drawings & talk about photo (those will be posted to blog)

Parent Consent Form for Video & Photographs

Parent Consent Form- Photography & Video Usage
Dear Parents,
We are liberal studies majors at University of San Diego taking an arts integration course, Art Fundamentals ARTV350. As future teachers, we are learning how to use visual art to extend and support the instruction of the traditional curriculum.
Photography & Video Usage
For our final project, we are teaching two arts integration lessons in your child’s classroom which we have to document and present to our professor and classmates. During these lessons, video or photographs of your child may be taken. Your authorization to use a photo or photos of your child as well as his/her artwork is requested. The child’s name will not be used and no photos or videos of your child will be posted to any websites.
Signing this form will be deemed as consent for _____________________________________ and __________________________________________________________________(names of USD students) to photograph or video your child and his/her artwork during the two art lessons schedule on _________________________________________ and ___________________________________.
Please complete the following and return it to your classroom teacher as soon as possible.
I hereby authorize the above named USD students to photograph or video my child and his/her artwork. (Please circle yes or no.)
Date: ________________________________________________
Child’s name: ______________________________________________
Grade: ______________________________________________________
Teacher: ______________________________________________________
School: _________________________________________________________
Name of parent or guardian: ___________________________________________
Signature of parent:___________________________________________________

Week of 3/8

Week of 3/8:
1) Read Chapter 10 (Children and Their Art)
Blog entry: (a) Discuss the role of new media in art today and give examples that intrigued you from the book (b) Give examples of how one could use photography and video as an educational and/or communication tool in the classroom.
Other Activities: (a) Do activity #8 on page 180 to be presented in class on 3/22.
2) Blog entry (2): Discuss your response to Luz Chung’s presentation on social justice and its connection to education. (b) How do you think you could use the arts in the classroom to create common ground among students from various backgrounds or to create a curriculum that is inclusive of all students? 
3) Work on Phase 3 of Final Project Due 3/22

Week of 3/1:

 Week of 3/1:
1) Read Chapters 6 and 7 (Handbook for K – 8 Arts Integration)
2) Blog entry: (a) What did you think of the visit to SDMA? (b) Do you think museums like SDMA are viable and accessible resources to all elementary and secondary students? Please explain your answer.
3) Continue to work toward your final project.
4) Collect or create symbols of power (life size but no real weapons of course) to bring to class 3/8. 

Week of 2/22

5      Week of 2/22:
1)Read Chapter 8 and 9 (Children and Their Art)
2) Read Chapters 4 and 5 (Handbook for K – 8 Arts Integration)
3) Blog entry: (a) Describe in detail and document with uploaded photos the process you engaged in to create your Sculptural Headdress.(b) Discuss how you could use this project in a 2nd Grade class in teaching a lesson about fairy tales. (c) Identify which California Content Standards are addressed in or related to the project: http://www.scoe.net/castandards/agenda/2010/ela_ccs_recommendations.pdf
3) Work on Phase 2 of Final Project which is due 3/1

Week of 2/15:

1) Read Chapters 13 (Children and Their Art)
2) Blog entry: (a) In response to the presentation on VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies), discuss the value of facilitating a discussion about works of art with young students. Why is it important to teach students to examine works of art and discuss them? (b) Identify one work of art (one traditional work of art such as a painting with something going on and plenty of detail) and generate a discussion about the works with two or three friends or fellow students using the VTS approach. (c) Describe the conversation.
3) Bring drawing paper, colored paper, scissors, stapler, glue, string, yarn or ribbon, pencils and pens to class 2/22 (or what every material you need to create your sculptural headdress).

Week of 2/8

Week of 2/8:
1) Read Chapters 6 and 7 (Children and Their Art)
2) Read Chapters 3 (Handbook for K – 8 Arts Integration)
3) Blog entry: (a) Please discuss the role of art in the classroom. What art program (if any) was implemented at your elementary school? What were your early experiences of art and how would you describe your comfort level with art? (b) Focusing on the multiple intelligences and brain research in Children and Their Art or Physiology of Learning presented by Morgan Appel, discuss the relationship between art and learning. (2-3 paragraphs)
4) In preparation for creating in class (2/22), a sculptural head dress based on a fairytale character:
a. Research head dresses (head pieces) from different cultures: explore their purpose, use, meaning/symbolism
b. Research techniques and collect materials to create your own head dress.
5) Prepare for Phase 1 of final project
6) Bring drawing paper, watercolor and brush(es) & mark making tools (pen and pencils) to class 2/15.

Week of 2/1

Week of 2/1:
1) Read Chapters 2 and 3 (Children and Their Art)
Blog entries:
(1) Chapter 2 response:  Respond to question 4 on page 39, Activities for the Reader.
(2) Chapter 3 response: Respond to question 8 on page 66, Activities for the Reader. Analyze the drawings of three adults (anonymous) per the activity and also upload a scanned image of each person’s drawing to your blog.
2) Read Chapter 1-2 (Handbook for K – 8 Arts Integration)
            Submit a copy of the completed Focus Activity on page 2 on 2/8
3) Bring drawing paper, colored paper, scissors, hole punch, string, yarn or ribbon, rubber band and chop stick, twig or extra pencil to class 2/8

Updated Fieldtrip & Guest Lecture Schedule

I've just confirmed some events on our schedule and wanted to give you the details. I will go over this in class next week as well. 

Tomoko Kuta, Director of Education at the California Center for Art, Escondido will be coming to joining us to give a lecture on Visual Thinking Strategies on 2/15/11 instead of 2/22/11. We will be switching projects those weeks as a result. I will give you updated calendars next week. 

Our first field trip will be to the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park:
March 1st at 2 pm. We will meet out front of the museum at 1:45 pm that day. This is nearly one hour before usual class time. If you are unable to meet us that early, please let me know as soon as possible. After our museum tour, we will gather outside the museum to discuss our experience and give updates on Phase 2 of the Final Project. Below is a link to the museum's web site with directions to the park. 


Our second field trip will be to the New Children's Museum downtown San Diego:
March 22nd at 2:30 pm. We will meet out front of the museum at 2:20 pm that day. Since parking downtown is a bit of a challenge, please allow yourself 20 minutes to park. Also, the museum entrance is $5 per student for our group. If this is a problem or arriving by 2:20 pm problematic, please let me know.  Below is a link to the museum's web site with directions to the park. 


How to upload images to your blog

A couple students have emailed me with questions about the first week's assignment- specifically how to upload photos or images. For the 6-10 images you encounter during your day, you can photograph them or scan them and save them in a file on your computer. When composing a blog entry for this week, you'll see a tool bar on top of the "text box" of your new post. Next to the word "Link", you'll see what looks like a photo. click there and you'll see a new screen with the options, Upload, From this blog, From Picassa Web Album, From a URL. Choose "upload" and then go to the "choose file" button and find the folder in your computer where you've stored the images. Note that only jpg, giff or png files work (not tiff or photoshop files). Then hit "add selected" and the image should pop into the new post box. Then hit "publish post" when you've completed your entry.