Lesson Plan for 3/8/11: Social Justice in the Classroom w/ Luz Chung

Since so many of you missed this week's class, I've posted the lesson plan for the day including the links to the video's we watched. I'll also email students pdf's of the slides we discussed. If you have any questions, let me know. Don't forget to get your blogs up to date so I can grade you! Also, meet at the Children's Museum next class meeting (3/22) at 2:15 outside the front of the museum. Entrance fee is $5. Have a great Spring Break! 

Below are photos of your classmates, striking heroic poses with objects that symbolize power! See what fun you missed!

Week of 3/8 – Social Justice in the Classroom- Guest lecture w/ Luz Chung

2:30-3:30ish (Luz)
1.     John Stewart clip- textbooks 
2.     Freire and Banks- pedagogy of the oppressed- quick write & partner talk
3.     Zinn- (re)defining heroes & partner talk 
4.     The icing on the cake, POV, Storycorps (2 mins)

3:40-4:00 (Annika)
1.     (Re)defining heroes  slide presentation
2.     Topics discussed:
a.    What makes a hero (clothes, context, possessions)? How are people “packaged” as heroes in terms of dress, pose, context etc?
b.    Is a particular hero the same to all people? How can we approach teaching about heroes to a multicultural classroom?
-       Kip Fulbeck & the Hapa Project

4:00-4:45 (Annika)
1.     Choose an object and strike a heroic pose (I’ll take their photo)

4:45-5:00 (Annika)
1.     Drawing people w/ articulated limbs & striking heroic poses
2.     Show elementary student examples of drawing their heroes

5:00-5:05 (Annika)
Remind assignments due:
§  Read Ch 10 & 20 in C&A
§  Phase 3 of final project (#8 on pg. 180 of C&A)
§  Meet at Children’s Museum outside front entrance at 2:15 pm $5

5:05-5:20 (Annika)
Debriefing, what did you learn today?
(if time allows) Students present their drawings & talk about photo (those will be posted to blog)

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