Parent Consent Form for Video & Photographs

Parent Consent Form- Photography & Video Usage
Dear Parents,
We are liberal studies majors at University of San Diego taking an arts integration course, Art Fundamentals ARTV350. As future teachers, we are learning how to use visual art to extend and support the instruction of the traditional curriculum.
Photography & Video Usage
For our final project, we are teaching two arts integration lessons in your child’s classroom which we have to document and present to our professor and classmates. During these lessons, video or photographs of your child may be taken. Your authorization to use a photo or photos of your child as well as his/her artwork is requested. The child’s name will not be used and no photos or videos of your child will be posted to any websites.
Signing this form will be deemed as consent for _____________________________________ and __________________________________________________________________(names of USD students) to photograph or video your child and his/her artwork during the two art lessons schedule on _________________________________________ and ___________________________________.
Please complete the following and return it to your classroom teacher as soon as possible.
I hereby authorize the above named USD students to photograph or video my child and his/her artwork. (Please circle yes or no.)
Date: ________________________________________________
Child’s name: ______________________________________________
Grade: ______________________________________________________
Teacher: ______________________________________________________
School: _________________________________________________________
Name of parent or guardian: ___________________________________________
Signature of parent:___________________________________________________

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