Week of 2/1

Week of 2/1:
1) Read Chapters 2 and 3 (Children and Their Art)
Blog entries:
(1) Chapter 2 response:  Respond to question 4 on page 39, Activities for the Reader.
(2) Chapter 3 response: Respond to question 8 on page 66, Activities for the Reader. Analyze the drawings of three adults (anonymous) per the activity and also upload a scanned image of each person’s drawing to your blog.
2) Read Chapter 1-2 (Handbook for K – 8 Arts Integration)
            Submit a copy of the completed Focus Activity on page 2 on 2/8
3) Bring drawing paper, colored paper, scissors, hole punch, string, yarn or ribbon, rubber band and chop stick, twig or extra pencil to class 2/8

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