Week of 4/26

Please turn in part 2 of Figure 5.3 in Handbook for K-8 Arts Integration and all of Figure 6.4 (NOT 6.3) when you make your final presentation. Also, turn in a revised lesson plan including any changes you made while facilitating your lessons, changes in materials or approach. Please include any observations you have in terms of doing things differently if you had the chance. What worked well, what was a challenge, what failed (it won't be counted against you if things fell a part! It is a good learning experience!)

You must be present on both May 3 & 17 even if you aren't presenting that day.

MAY 3rd Presentation Groups:
1. Chloe & Kendall
2. Rebecca, Haley & Kristen
3. Melissa, Michele & Raquel
4. Emma, Chida & Noemi

MAY 17th Presentation Groups:
1. Sammi & Nichole
2. Caroline, Stacey & Nicole
3. Bryn, Melissa & Tim
4. Jessica, Brenda & Kat

Your presentations must be at least 15 minutes each (powerpoint/video/slide show/web) and document your process. The presentation must include visual documentation of the project. If you are using images & video in a powerpoint, you must also save these onto your CD or USB drive, otherwise you may have problems playing them during your presentation.

In addition to your in-class presentation, please turn in a copy of  your revised lesson plan (email it as a pdf or word document with a few images to me!) as well as copies of the activity sheets/worksheets from Handbook for K-8 Arts Integration. Although previous documents state that the worksheets should have been done individually, it is fine if you turn in one set per group.

The lesson plan should include:
Group names
School name
Grade level
Content Area
Big Idea
Specific CA Content Standards for Big Idea & for Visual Arts
Materials List
Lesson Sequence (Introduction, Modeling, Invitation to Create & Independent Practice & Performance Sharing & Assessment)

I will email you Kristen O'Neil, Rebecca Dean & Haley Cox's lesson plan as it is a good example (as soon as they email it to me..)

LAST but not least! Please email me photos of your work you did in class today with a brief description of the projects and how your design choices in terms of colors, materials etc. reflect the nature of your project.

If you have any questions about the final, please let me know!

Good luck!

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