Week of 2/8

Week of 2/8:
1) Read Chapters 6 and 7 (Children and Their Art)
2) Read Chapters 3 (Handbook for K – 8 Arts Integration)
3) Blog entry: (a) Please discuss the role of art in the classroom. What art program (if any) was implemented at your elementary school? What were your early experiences of art and how would you describe your comfort level with art? (b) Focusing on the multiple intelligences and brain research in Children and Their Art or Physiology of Learning presented by Morgan Appel, discuss the relationship between art and learning. (2-3 paragraphs)
4) In preparation for creating in class (2/22), a sculptural head dress based on a fairytale character:
a. Research head dresses (head pieces) from different cultures: explore their purpose, use, meaning/symbolism
b. Research techniques and collect materials to create your own head dress.
5) Prepare for Phase 1 of final project
6) Bring drawing paper, watercolor and brush(es) & mark making tools (pen and pencils) to class 2/15.

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